Sami Broerman 

Sami has been in the Interior Design industry for 6 years. She studied design at San Diego State University then started her career working for a prestigious design firm in the area. She moved to Castle Rock CO in 2015 and has been growing her business since. Kelly and Sami met as designers at West Elm and loved collaborating on projects together. Sami is proficient in Photoshop renderings, Autocad, floor planning, field measurements, budget friendly designs, and concept boards. Her attention to detail, experience in the industry, amazing connection with her clients, and beautiful design aesthetic makes her really stand out in this field. 


Kelly Perkinson

Kelly's journey to design did not begin the traditional way. She started out in the creative field in Atlanta, GA where she studied Cosmetology and owned her own hair studio for 5 years. She also started an "all natural" product line during this time. In 2015 she began doing freelance design. Kelly moved to Denver CO in 2016 and decided to start pursuing design full time. She was a designer at West Elm (where she met Sami) and began building up her business. She is proficient in Photoshop renderings, Concept boards, field measurements, and creating budget friendly projects. Kelly has a natural eye for design and appreciates implementing all different kinds of styles. She loves connecting with her clients and reflecting who they are in her design work.